Prepare for the Back to School Rush with a Next-Gen Home Network Upgrade

6GHz Spectrum Supports Next Wave of Home Network Evolution

Prepare for the Back to School Rush with a Next-Gen Home Network Upgrade

The modern home network now powers more activities than ever — from online learning and remote work to IoT management, interactive gaming, and VR. Exciting advancements in broadband and Wi-Fi® technologies are following consumer demands, gearing up to deliver even better at-home experiences.

As the summer carries on and back-to-school season approaches, students are preparing for upcoming classroom and homework assignments, possibly in remote or hybrid learning environments — intensifying the need for better home broadband. In fact, by the end of 2025, 90% of U.S. public school districts will leverage a combination of in-person & digital remote learning for regular and ongoing instruction, according to a recent study by Gartner. With remote learning here to stay, a home network that is fast, reliable, robust, and able to support multiple users and devices at once is essential.  The availability of the new 6GHz band is here to deliver just that — with a wave of next-gen devices hitting the market this year, and plenty more to come.

CommScope Home Networks recently launched the ARRIS SURFboard mAX® 6E tri-band mesh Wi-Fi system, a cutting-edge solution that leverages the uncongested 6GHz band to provide the optimal home networking experience. Not only does the SURFboard mAX 6E deliver exceptional speed and performance, the two included mesh routers feature two 2.4GHz, two 5GHz streams, and four 6GHz streams per router to easily support multiple devices concurrently at multi-gig speeds. In fact, the SURFboard mAX 6E can support up to 150 devices in the home across 5,500 square feet of space.

Today’s families are finding new ways to connect, learn, and live with each advancement in broadband and Wi-Fi. The SURFboard mAX 6E features a 2.5 Gbps Ethernet port on each mesh router that enables multi-gig networking for high-bandwidth applications. With 8K video streaming, teenagers can view documentaries for class or watch the latest shows in incredible UltraHD. Parents with busy schedules can check in with high-quality video calling. Even the youngest members can connect and learn on the go with educational apps and videos that will be lightning-fast on tablets and smartphones connected to the home Wi-Fi. The SURFboard mAX 6E deals out an ample dose of 6GHz spectrum for everyone. The SURFboard® Central App makes it simple to set up, customize, and manage the home network from anywhere.

A multitude of new devices, apps, and digital experiences emerge every day — upgrading your network with a future-proof solution like the SURFboard mAX 6E will help all your connected devices to hit optimum performance. Tap into the expansive 6GHz band today and explore the possibilities.

Learn more about the SURFboard mAX® Mesh Wi-Fi 6E System here.

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