SURFboard Wi-Fi 6E Network Upgrade Kit

Instantly upgrade your entire network to cutting-edge Wi-Fi 6E without replacing your existing equipment. The SURFboard Wi-Fi 6E Network Adapter connects to your existing Wi-Fi router creating a 6 GHz connection that enables more speed for compatible Wi-Fi 6E devices, virtually eliminating network slow-downs or interruptions.



Quickly transform your Wi-Fi network into a cutting-edge Wi-Fi 6E network

Next-generation Wi-Fi 6E can handle more compatible devices simultaneously without losing speed & reliability

A 6 GHz connection means no more slow downs or disconnections caused by other devices on the network

2.5 Gbps Ethernet port ensures there are no bottlenecks, enabling multi-Gigabit speeds

Connects to any existing router or gateway

Client devices must be Wi-Fi 6E capable in order to enjoy the benefits of the adapter


Technical Specs

Compatible with all Internet Service Providers
Connect to your existing gateway, router or mesh system
Mobile App requirement:
– iOS 9.0 and above
– Android™ 5.0 and above
Quad core ARM Cortex A53 processor
Four Wi-Fi 6E streams delivering speeds of 4,800 Mbps (AX4800)
Wi-Fi 6E compatible with 802.11ax devices capable of 6GHz operation
Wi-Fi Coverage Up to 1,800 sq ft
Wi-Fi Coverage Up to 2,200 sq ft
Wi-Fi Coverage Up to 2,500 sq ft
Wi-Fi Coverage Up to 2,800 sq ft
Wi-Fi Coverage Up to 3,000 sq ft
Wi-Fi Coverage Up to 5,550 sq ft
Wi-Fi Coverage Up to 6,000 sq ft

SURFboard Thruster Gaming Acceleration Kit

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Now you can bring those Wi-Fi enabled devices upstairs, downstairs, in the back yard, or out on the deck. The new SURFboard mAX Mesh Wi-Fi 6 System unleashes your home wireless network like never before. After all, what good is Wi-Fi without the freedom?


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