CommScope Home Networks’ SURFboard Central App Delivers Additional Value with Integrated Fing Network Scanner

Achieve Greater Visibility and Control Over Your Home Devices

CommScope Home Networks’ SURFboard Central App Delivers Additional Value with Integrated Fing Network Scanner

Consumers today are more tech-savvy than ever and continue to gain knowledge and experience on the devices that support their lifestyle, work, education, and entertainment at home. Technology itself has been a catalyst for rising customer expectations around self-service apps and features that allow them to explore and control their own devices. In a society armed with smartphones and constant connectivity that enables instant access to information from anywhere, customers can seek out and find what they want, when they want it. This ability has shifted the consumer experience and many now seek out simple, self-serve capabilities on home devices that elevate the experience and give them greater control over functions and features.

To deliver more innovation and value to consumers, CommScope’s ARRIS SURFboard® Central App is now integrated with Fing, a network scanner and toolkit for Internet security and network management that gives users more visibility and control over the devices on their home network. Existing customers who have already installed their SURFboard modems can still benefit from the scanner with a simple install — no modem updates or reconfigurations required. With our integration, we have streamlined access to Fing through our mobile app to deliver basic network information and device visibility, but more capabilities live in the Fing Desktop app, which offers consumers both free and premium options for greater network navigation and control through automated scans, security, performance tests, and more.

Utilizing Fing Desktop, users have even more network visibility and access to tools and insights. This scanner service can be used to identify any connected devices on the network with plenty of details, troubleshoot connectivity issues, and run internet speed tests from anywhere. The scanner works on both LAN and Wi-Fi® connections to detect connected devices and can deliver detailed data including IP and MAC addresses, device names, models, and vendors. The Wi-Fi scanner also allows users to search for nearby Wireless Access Points to display signal strength and possible collisions. Users can set up network and security alerts to be sent directly to a phone or email address. Internet speed tests give consumers a quick analysis of their connection including download and upload speeds and latency, and the chance to compare Internet Service Providers in a region or country. Troubleshooting tools include outage detection, port scanning, device ping, traceroute, and DNS lookup.

Fing Premium delivers added value, allowing users to upgrade Wi-Fi security with automated security checks, block and pause features for connected devices on the network, and gives them access to connect and disconnect alerts for devices, plus a complete timeline of network events displayed in a calendar view. Other benefits include intruder alerts, router vulnerability checks, and more control over internet access.

CommScope Home Networks is always working to deliver innovative features and added value to customers wherever we can. We are happy to partner with Fing to do just that.

The Fing network scanner is now available for all ARRIS SURFboard modems from CommScope through our SURFboard Central App.


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