AX7800 - Model W130
<p>SURFboard mAX<sup>®</sup> Plus Mesh Wi-Fi<sup>®</sup> 6 System</p>

The SURFboard mAX Plus system is part of a revolutionary portfolio of Mesh Wi-Fi 6 products.

It has up to 400% more speed and range than 802.11ac and delivers the fastest speeds possible throughout your home.

AX7800 - Model W130

<p>SURFboard mAX<sup>®</sup> Plus Mesh Wi-Fi<sup>®</sup> 6 System</p>
<div class="product-summary line-height-summary"> <ul> <li>802.11ax Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi 6) speeds up to 7.8 Gbps</li> <li>Up to 400% more speed and 400% more range of 802.11ac Wi-Fi</li> <li>2-unit system provides up to 6,000 square feet of coverage</li> <li>Dedicated 3rd gigabit band for backhaul between mAX routers</li> <li>Perfect for gigabit speed internet plans</li> <li>Setup, customize and manage your home network with the SURFboard Central app. Designed to be a dashboard for your home network, SURFboard Central allows you to monitor the devices on your network, enable custom parental control settings, optimize your Wi-Fi and so much more!</li> <li>Works with Alexa</li> </ul> </div>


The fastest home Wi-Fi system. The freshest, most unique way to mAXimize your internet and keep the whole family happy. Blanket your home in Wi-Fi. Experience the pure joy of top-of-the-line wireless internet speeds for things like 4K video, VR, and online gaming. Buffering and lag are a thing of the past. The SURFboard mAX AX7800 is a gigabit Mesh Wi-Fi network solution that scales to match your home and your needs. Two 802.11ax access points do the work of three older 802.11ac units. The SURFboard mAX Manager app makes setup a snap and provides class-leading network access and security controls. SURFboard mAX is not only designed to connect your whole home, it designed to be part of your smart home with its Works with Alexa certification. Use your existing Alexa app or Echo device to control your SURFboard mAX with commands like "Alexa, ask SURFboard to enable guest Wi-Fi.

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Wi-Fi Manager
Device Management
Parental Control
Wi-Fi Speedtest

SURFboard Central
The Command Center For Wi-Fi® Management

SURFboard Central is more than just a way to control your Wi-Fi settings—it’s a dashboard for your digital home. We put everything in one place and made it quick and easy to use and tailored to fit your needs. Optimize your Wi-Fi; set parental controls; customize your network; enable a guest network; monitor your network and the devices connected to it, proactively; troubleshoot issues; and more—all from the convenience of your phone or mobile device.


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mAXIMIZE your Wi-Fi

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