Control Your Child’s Screen Time with the SURFboard Central App

Are you searching for the right app to manage your children’s screen time? With the launch of the new SURFboard Central app, new parental controls at your fingertips. Ronen Stern explains the feature in this blog.

3792-children-sb_blog.jpgKids are the “always-on” generation. Connectivity has been a part of their lives as far back as they can remember. Sometimes, our kids are connecting with multiple devices at the same time (i.e., smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, smart TVs and more).

There is no doubt that during COVID-19 their screen time has increased with eLearning, gaming and entertainment.

I know I’m starting to sound like my parents with the whole “you are wasting time in front of that TV/device” statement; however, one cannot argue that kids today can benefit from some time away from their devices. These days, us parents have a lot on our plates. That’s why management of our kids’ screen time is becoming critical and using technology can help.

With the launch of our ARRIS SURFboard Central app (formerly SURFboard mAX Manager), CommScope is helping parents stay on top of their connected life with new parental controls right at their fingertips.

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The new SURFboard Central app allows you to set online boundaries for your children, even if you are not at home. With SURFboard Central, you have control of what device they can use to access the internet, how much time they spend online and even pause their connection. It is a simple way to manage your child’s digital consumption based on the schedule you want. 

Set up time for your kids to access the internet with specific devices allotted for education, and then allow for managed time for devices typically associated with entertainment. With the app’s flexibly, the managed settings can be separated for weekdays or weekends, based on time of day and even manually controlled as needed.

Simply put, the app provides our SURFboard mAX Pro and SURFboard mAX Plus mesh routers users with a “digital dashboard” to manage their connected home’s Wi-Fi services. The app will be made available for all existing and future SURFboard products later this year; however, it will not support the following products:

  • SURFboard RipCurrent routers
  • Legacy Broadcom-based DOCSIS 3.0 gateways (SBG6400, SBG6700, and others)

Download the app to an Android and/or iOS device today:

Android app

iOS app